Introducing Loco.Engineering DCC/WCC accessory/multi-function sound decoders with low price and almost unlimited possibilities

DCC / WCC accessory/multi-function decoder with sound

After more than 1 year of development, experiments, tests, and sleepless nights we're ready to introduce Loco.Engineering accessory decoder that, we guess, is the most comprehensive decoder available on the market now. In this introduction post, I will show you why we think so.

The problem we want to solve

Let's start with a bit of history about why we decided to develop a new decoder and a new control system for model railways and other toys. You can tell that DCC (Digital Command Control) can do what you need and that's true if you're ready to spend a huge amount of time on electronics instead of playing and demonstrating your layout. A simple example is how to get a message and handle that a train crosses some section on tracks and add signal automation based on that message. Just check how it can be implemented with Marklin in this video. in 2023 it's a fully outdated solution because we use RF signals everywhere but model railways still send messages over the track which of course makes the whole layout-building process very very complicated.

We are in Loco.Engineering decided to change the way how we control layouts by moving all messages from tracks to the air and introducing 2-side communication between decoders (in classic DCC a decoder communicates with a command station but there is no communication between decoders directly) - you don't need any more command stations and additional wires especially to get feedback from decoders, because all messages between decoders are sent over the air. That should simplify the whole electronics on a layout, give the possibility to build temporary layouts with complex logic, and make it easier to play with model railways for young guys.

Main features

  • Different outputs to make your layout interactive

- 14 outputs for LEDs / other loads with dimming and up to 60mA/output (even enough for small motors)

- 4 outputs for heavy loads with up to 500mA

- Output to connect DC motors or servo motors, multiple motors can be connected if you need to move them all in the same direction (for example, barriers on a level crossing)

       - Output for a speaker 3W

- I2C outputs to connect an NFC reader, your custom sensors, and other modules

- 2 inputs for interrupts

  • Can handle 3 protocols at the same time

- DCC (Digital Command Control)

- WCC (Wireless Command Control, no command stations are required, can be controlled directly from a computer or mobile devices)

- Mfx (will be available in February 2024, currently in beta testing)

  • A web application to set decoder settings (for example, to set dimming for individual LEDs of a signal, combination of LEDs to highlight, etc), no programming over the track is required
The web application for Digital Command Control
  • Firmware updates with new features every 2 weeks
  • Fully programmable - you can use our firmware or develop your own with Arduino or ESP32 IDF.
  • API to develop a custom application to control all decoders on the layout
  • Compact size
  • Friendly support from engineers who develop and improve decoders not from 3rd party people
  • Low cost (70 or $80) because we sell our decoders directly on our website

How to use Loco.Engineering accessory decoders

When we designed our decoders we had 2 things in mind

  • simplicity in usage
  • flexibility

That's why getting started with Loco.Engineering decoders is very easy

  • Buy a decoder on our website, receive it, and unpack
  • Connect your accessory (for example, a signal) to a decoder, all outputs on a decoder are marked and all documentation can be found online (no more than 100-page pdf files), a getting started manual is included with each decoder
  • Power a decoder from rails or just with a USB type-c cable for fast evaluation
  • Open the web app, click on "Add module" and set a decoder settings
  • That's it


Most companies that produce DCC decoders don't make any improvements after they release the production version and just sell them. We develop and produce all decoders in our workshop which means that we can introduce improvements and add new features even every day. For example, today we received an idea in the e-mail from one of our users that it would be great to have feature A, and next week feature A can be implemented and all users that already have our decoders should just update the firmware like you update all your applications on a mobile device. That's why feel free to send your feedback and ideas at hey[] Anyway, what's on our roadmap for the next few months

  • Finish NFC modules that will help to notify all decoders on a layout that a train, car, or vehicle crosses some area and it's time to change a signal aspect, down barriers, or do something else
  • Ready to use electronic kits like a level crossing kit, light kit with RGB LEDs, etc
  • Add support for small displays that can be used on train stations, for example

Where to buy

Decoders can be purchased at our online shop only. In case you don't like it you can return a decoder within 14 days after you receive a package without any questions from our side. We ship worldwide from Poland.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at hey[] and don't forget to subscribe to our news here