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What are WCC and Loco.Engineering?

What is WCC?

WCC (Wireless Command Control) is an open wireless system to operate model railways and LEGO® trains. WCC can run on DC or a battery and required just 2 components:

  • Train, car, and layout modules to control trains, cars, and layout elements (signals, switches, etc)
  • Unpowered NFC stickers (optional but they give more options for interactions)

WCC consists of:

  • Open protocol (how trains, cars, and layout elements communicate)
  • Open API to update logic over BLE, Wi-Fi, and USB
  • Code examples of how to use different WCC features in your own projects


  • WCC protocol and API are free for private projects even if you want to earn money with your layout
  • If you want to sell products based on WCC, check our commercial license (you should pay a small fee for each sold product; no minimum amount, and pay only if you sell)

What is Loco.Engineering?

Loco.Engineering is a company that produces WCC electronic modules and develops WCC firmware, software and API (check our products here). WCC has been designed and developed by the Loco.Engineering team.

How to get started?

  • Check docs about WCC (if you don’t want to read about how WCC works inside, skip this step)
  • Order a WCC train or element module here
  • Receive a module and install it into a train or connect to layout elements
  • Create the first interaction or just control your train and layout elements manually

Main features

  • Up to 10000 trains and layout elements within one network
  • No boosters, additional wiring, and command stations are required. WCC works even on DC and battery
  • Open protocol - everyone can create hardware, firmware, and apps
  • No WI-FI router is required
  • 2-way communication between trains, cars and layout elements
  • No CV programming required - create interactions and layout automation in the web app or use scripting language for more complex logic
  • Get the exact location of the trains with unpowered rail stickers (works in the same way as real trains -

Example Schematic

Schematic - How does Wireless Command Control (WCC) work

Examples of what you can create with WCC

WCC allows you to create really complex interactions and automation to give more life and realism to your layout. For example:

  • You can control up to 5000 trains simultaneously
  • You can show different messages on a station display depending on which train is arriving
  • You can add a fully automated train block system to your layout
  • You can create a virtual train timetable and trains will move according to it
  • You can detect the location of a train or car with an accuracy of 1 cm
  • You can automate all your signals, barriers, and switches without command stations, boosters, and additional wires
  • You can build your own controllers (DIY throttles) with buttons, displays, switches

What's next?

  • Check our documentation for more details about WCC
  • Create your first app using WCC API and protocol
  • Drop us a line with your feedback or ideas