Mod-Track: Modular model railroad system for scales H0, N, TT, and Z

Modular model railroad system for Kato, Märklin, Piko and other tracks

Today we’re introducing Mod-Track (from “modular track”) - a new modular model railroad track system for H0, N, Z, and TT gauges that can be used with probably any tracks.

What is a modular railroad system and how does Mod-Track work?

A modular model railroad system refers to a model railroad layout that is built in sections or modules, allowing for flexibility and easy transportation. Instead of constructing a single large and fixed layout, you can create individual modules (or small dioramas) that can be connected to form a larger layout when assembled. Each module is built to a size based on a track brand you use ( custom size is possible too) and standard shape, and they are designed to seamlessly connect with each other.

The advantages of a modular model railroad system include:

  • Portability: Modules can be easily transported to different locations, making it convenient for model railroaders to showcase their layouts at exhibitions, shows, or club meetings. And of course, you can just assemble your layout on a floor or table any time to play with kids.
  • Customization: Modelers can design and build their own modules, allowing for creativity and personalization in layout design. This flexibility enables a wide variety of scenery, themes, and track configurations.
  • Collaboration: Modular layouts often involve collaboration among model railroaders. Each participant may contribute one or more modules to create a larger and more diverse layout.
  • Ease of Construction: Building smaller modules can be more manageable for individuals with space constraints, limited time, or specific skill sets. It also allows modelers to focus on smaller sections at a time. That’s why mod-track has a size based on a single track.
  • Scalability: Modelers can expand their layouts by adding more modules over time. This scalability allows for gradual expansion without the need to rebuild an entire layout.
  • Club Activities: Modular layouts are popular in model railroad clubs, where members can bring their modules to club meetings and events, creating a collaborative and dynamic environment.

There are already various standards for modular model railroads with one-track width modules (for example T-Track using Kato UNITRACK), but mod-track introduces additional features to systems available on the market:

  • Modules can be connected from all 4 sides so you can easily add roads, landscapes, an unlimited amount of parallel tracks, etc
  • Mod-track boards have not just mechanical connectors to one another but electrical connections as well. You can connect tracks even without track joiners and cut tracks easily to build virtually any track layout.
  • Modules have special space and mounts for accessory decoders for easy installation and connection to lights, level crossing, and other layout elements
  • Mod-track modules can be produced in customized sizes - just select this option on the product page. Production takes just a week.
  • Nice acceptable price because we produce baseboards in our workshop and sell them directly on our website
  • A centimeter grid on a top board for better and more easy layout elements and track placement

How to get started with the Mod-Track modular system

It’s easy. If you already decided what track manufacturer to use, check if there are mod-track modules for that brand in our online shop, select a module for a straight track, and start making your first module diorama. If there are no modules for your track brand you can order customized modules that fit your tracks.  If you don’t know what tracks to use, we have a few recommendations:

  • Scale H0. We can recommend here to use the Märklin C-track or K-track system but with a big note - if you start using Märklin rails there is no way to switch to another system because Märklin uses 3 rails to power trains (the third is placed in the center between 2 standard rails) and it’s incompatible with tracks by other brands. The same thing with  Märklin trains - you cannot run them on standard 2-rail tracks. So before investing your money think twice if you want such vendor lock-in. On the other hand, the  Märklin C-track system is very easy to use and the connections between the 2 tracks are very strong. The second brand that we can recommend is Tiling Bahn which even has tracks for narrow-gauge railways like Rhätische Bahn ****you can see in Switzerland
  • Scale N. Kato Unitrack can be ordered from Kato shop on Amazon. Kato has everything to build a complex layout. We use Kato to test our decoders and we can tell 100% that it’s probably the most reliable track available on the market now - even after 500 connections/disconnections there are no issues with electricity on a track.
  • Scale Z. The best track system for scale Z with many interesting layout elements is produced by Rokuhan and can be ordered from or, for example.

How and where to order Mod-Track baseboards?

Mod-Track modules you can order at our online shop - We send orders from Poland and shipping takes up to 5 days with the EU, 10 days to the UK, and around 20 days worldwide. Production time depends on the modules you ordered but usually, it’s a few days for standard baseboards and around a week for customized ones. Full technical specifications about mod-track modules can be found on product pages.

Feel free to contact us in case any questions at