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WCC tags

WCC tags are unpowered NFC tags (or stickers) that notify WCC modules when a vehicle (a train or car) crosses this tag. You can buy tags at online shops with RFID and NFC stuff and in our online shop. NFC submodule can handle only NTAG 213/215/216 tags that's why check twice the tag's type before you order new tags.

How to get started?

What you need


  • Order NFC submodule in our online shop (we ship 5 tags with each NFC submodule)
  • Connect the NFC submodule to a WCC module (if you haven't a WCC module yet - order it in our online shop and follow this guide)
  • Tap your NFC submodule's antenna to the tag (don't forget that the NFC submodule should be powered)
  • Check that the tag is detected in the web app
  • Add interactions in the web app - for example, play sound if a train detects a tag

Recommendations to get better perfomance:

  • Maximum distance between the train's antenna and tags should be 3-4 cm
  • Minimum distance between 2 tags should be 2-3 cm
  • Tags and antennas have better performance if attached to non-metal surfaces
  • Before adding complex automation to your layout check that all tags are readable by trains