Sound decoders and electronics for railway modelling, scale H0 and N

Wireless DCC sound decoders and other electronic modules to add interactions to your layout in the easiest way. No command stations, boosters and CV programming required.

Wireless Accessory / Multi-function DCC decoder

A wireless accessory DCC sound decoder is a small circuit installed under a model railway layout and controls signals, turnouts, level crossings, and other layout elements using DCC (Digital Command Control), WCC (Wireless Command Control, check more info in our Documentation), or just a web browser. This module can be used with DC, AC, or battery.

290 zł

Digital Command Control (DCC) converter for Arduino and ESP32

A small circuit that converts the DCC signal from rails to HIGH|LOW that can be read by almost any MCU (Arduino boards, ESP32 boards, etc.)

45 zł

Wireless DCC / WCC Train Sound Decoder | H0, TT, N

A wireless DCC / WCC sound decoder is a small circuit that is installed into a train and controls movement, lights, sound, and other functions using DCC / WCC

195 zł